Las cosas comenzaron a torcerse en el teléfono de mi hermano. “la policía me está llamando” escuché que me dijo, y no le dí mayor atención hasta que volvió a hablar “un ámbito internacional” lloraba. Júdicamente matronas. Y luego escuché un zumbido sordo e insidioso.


The Thomas de Carranza law firm has been providing legal services to south west Houston since 1979. The firm is known for its excellence in trial advocacy and representation before the courts. Thomas de Carranza is a law firm with more than forty years of experience in legal advice. The company has offices in Mexico City and Guadalajara, and provides criminal defense and family law services. The firm was founded by Thomas de Carranza, who has over thirty years of legal experience, including work at the government’s tax bureau.

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Thomas de Carranza is one of the most respected lawyers in Mexico City. He established his law firm, Thomas de Carranza Abogados, in 1993 and has since become known for his successful defense of human rights cases. In this blog section, we take a look at some of the highlights from Thomas de Carranza’s career, as well as some of the important cases he has worked on recently. Additionally, we report on some of the firm’s ongoing work. Whether you’re looking for legal advice or need help defending your rights, be sure to check out Thomas de Carranza Abogados. Thomas de Carranza founded his law firm, Thomas de Carranza Abogados in Mexico City in 2003. The law office has since become one of the most prominent and well-known legal entities in Mexico.

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Thomas de Carranza is a well-known advocate in Mexico and has spent the majority of his career advocating for the rights of individuals and businesses. He has a particular focus on commercial litigation, business law, and intellectual property. He also has expertise in labor law and family law. De Carranza has represented a diverse range of clients in a number of high-profile cases. In 2010, he won the case Maldonado v. Banco Santander Mexico USA, which established fundamental rights for Mexican citizens living abroad. In 2013, he represented Grupo Higa in its landmark case against Coca Cola Mexican Ventures SABJ (CCLVMV). This case determined that CCLVMV was not allowed to terminate its contract with Higa without paying compensations totaling 2 billion pesos (approximately $73 million U.S.). In addition to his work as an advocate, de Carranza is also an academician and lecturer at several

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