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Porqué la asociación es

española de abogados urbanistas es importante The Spanish Association of Urbanists is an important association because it represents the interests of lawyers who work in the field of urban planning and development. It provides resources and support to its members and promotes the professional development of its members. pañola de abogados urbanistas es importante para el sector de la construcción “},” The Spanish Association of Urban planners is an important organization for the construction sector. There are many reasons why this is so. First, the association provides a forum for exchanging ideas and advice between its members. This allows individual urban planners to learn from each other and to develop new, innovative methods and strategies. Additionally, the association helps to promote best practices within the construction industry. Finally, it serves as a resource for legislation and standards related to urban planning. All in all, the Spanish Association of Urban planners is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in the construction industry.

Principales compromisos de la asociación Author: Mari Blanco Participants of the Association of Spanish Urban Planners The lawyers rhe urbanism Growth, the reinvention of cities

Asociación Española de Abogados Urbanistas is a professional association created in 1989 with the purpose of furthering the legal profession and developing urban planning in Spain. Since its inception, the Association has made it a priority to work together with various governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote an integrated approach to planning and development within municipalities. Some of their more recent public commitments have included working on the pedestrianization of Gran Via in Madrid and the creation of a new park around the Cathedral of Valencia. According to Francisco Gigante, director general of the Association, “although our legal expertise is very important, our ultimate goal should be to create livable and sustainable cities. This makes working together with other sectors such as architects, engineers, planners and environmentalists indispensable”.

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Among its most pressing challenges right now is trying to grapple with the effects of population growth on urban areas. According to Gigante, “the city must reinvent itself in order to keep up with the challenges posed by population growth and the need for more housing, jobs and services”. The Association is working on a range of projects aimed at facilitating this transition, including a training programme for urban planners that will be available

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